Welcome to Hotel Grohmann in Val di Fassa, where your emotions come to life.

Whether you desire a relaxing break or an unforgettable adventure, treat yourself to a stay in the beautiful nature of Val di Fassa. Here, you’ll find unique sensations and moments to cherish.


Where nature becomes magic!

A summer in Val di Fassa means a world of uniqueness, romance, and adventure! You’ll discover activities for every preference: from high-altitude hikes to thrilling mountain bike trails, from relaxing strolls to every imaginable sport.

Summer in Val di Fassa is magical: a fusion of uniqueness, romance, and adventure. Explore a wide range of activities, from high-altitude hikes to exciting mountain bike trails, from leisurely walks to every kind of sport you can imagine.

Fill your emotions with love

Treat yourself to the luxurious nature of feelings
The intensity of nature in Val di Fassa is even more beautiful with the right company. Don’t miss the opportunity to share these moments with your family.

Trekking, mountain biking, walks, and excursions:

Experience nature your way!
The Dolomites await you for thrilling treks, the embrace of winter snow, and the springtime scents of flowers. Breathe the fresh air and find your balance in Val di Fassa, where everything is possible, including rediscovering your well-being.

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